The formula for the volume of a sphere is v= 4/3 m^3 what is the formula solved for r ?

Accepted Solution

Answer:             3Vr = ∛ ( ---------- )             4πStep-by-step explanation:Please, enclose the fraction 4/3 inside parentheses, to eliminate any possibility of misreading this fraction.  Also note that this formula MUST include "pi," symbolized by π.V = (4/3) π r³  This formula does NOT include "m," which is a unit of measurement, not a variable.Our task is to solve this formula for the radius, r.Divide both sides by (4/3) π, to isolate r³.  This results in:       v               (4/3) π r³-------------   =  -----------------   (4/3) π             (4/3) π                                              V              3VThen r³ = --------------  =  --------                    (4/3) π           4πand r is found by taking the cube root of the above result:             3Vr = ∛ ( ---------- )             4π