what is the perimeter of the figure? 42 cm^215 cm36 cm^226 cm

Accepted Solution

The perimeter of given shape is: 26 cmStep-by-step explanation:We have to consider all the sides that are included in the boundary of the shape. So, Given lengths are: 6 cm, 4 cm, 2 cm, 3 cmThe side opposite to the side with 6 cm will be:6-2 = 4 cmAnd the side on the left will be:4+3 = 7 cmSo the perimeter will be:[tex]P = 6+4+2+3+4+7 = 26\ cm[/tex]The perimeter of given shape is: 26 cmKeywords: Perimeter, Geometrical shapesLearn more about perimeter at:brainly.com/question/12896802brainly.com/question/12973601#LearnwithBrainly