Which is the longest distance? A: 3500cm B: 65.5m C: 75000mm D: 15.5m E: 0.1km

Accepted Solution

Answer:The correct option is E.Step-by-step explanation:The following conversions are used:1 cm = 10 mm1 m = 100 cm1 km = 1000 mUsing these conversion, convert the each unit in meters.1. [tex]3500cm=\frac{3500}{100}m=35m[/tex]2. [tex]65.5m[/tex]3. [tex]75000mm=\frac{75000}{1000}m=75m[/tex]4. [tex]15.5m[/tex]5. [tex]0.1km=0.1\times 1000m=100m[/tex]Now compare the each distance.100 m is longest among all. So, 0.1km is the longest distance.Therefore the correct option is E.