Which postulate or theorem proves that these two triangles are congruent?AAS Congruence TheoremSAS Congruence PostulateASA Congruence PostulateHL Congruence Theorem

Accepted Solution

From the figure,JHGF is a parallelogram.From the properties of parallelogram,∠ F = ∠ H (opposite angles are equal)FG = JH (opposite sides are equal)Also, note that FG || JH and JG is a transversal.Therefore,∠ FGJ = ∠ GJH (Alternate interior angles are equal)Now, in Δ FGJ and Δ GJH,FG = JH∠ F = ∠ H and∠ FGJ = ∠ GJHHence, the triangles are congruent by AAS Congruence Theorem.